About Us


The relationship between men and film is always very tempting. Cinema is a flashy glow of entertainment that penetrates the banality of a gloomy life, an ounce of hope that calms the pain, a pipette full of dreams that transcends the dimensions of deadly reality.

The cinema has the power to make you high, but in the most positive and powerful way. On the one hand, where you become high but enlightened.

The following is introducing our new multi-author website, Jadwal21.net [Jadwal 21]. We will post reviews, movie articles, interesting listings, character/movie analogy and anything related to the movie.

Jadwal 21 will not only review the popular great movies, but we will also feature lesser known/almost unknown titles from around the world over time.

Our listings will be tricky, so if we list something as a good movie, consider it a recommendation. Jadwal21.net is basically about writing a movie, so if there is something in the world of movies that are worthy of written, we will definitely write it.

Jadwal21.net will ensure that your cinematic ecation never leaves your system.

Watching movies. Get high. Let us know about that.